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About White Antler

White Antler is a lifestyle brand that specializes in handcrafted home decor ornaments.

The unusual quirky ornaments are carefully handmade through a painstaking process involving rigorous levels of quality control and attention to details.

Starting out with the artistic endeavor to create personalized, decorative skulls, we have since evolved into being a retailer of taxidermy-inspired and rare vintage ornaments. Pieces are specially handpicked from all over the world with each item being the only one in stock.

We also provide customized interior-decorating services to all sorts of venues such as homes, cafes and clubs. An example of such work is our  landmark project with The Butter Factory Singapore, where our client wanted a fresh, new kind of aesthetic for the dance club's main area, the Bump Room. The area now boasts of our collection of crafts and ornaments, juxtaposing austere elements with playful symbols, something which the client absolutely loved.

We believe in improving our surroundings and homes through proper decoration. Those who are attracted to our crafts and collections are often people who have the same beliefs as us. 

Made for art Lovers, collectors and connoisseurs alike, our eclectic range of products is the result of pure passion for D.I.Y and daring design. Through that, we practice our mission in Making The Ordinary Less Ordinary.

The Origin of White Antler

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I love nature, the arts and handmade things. A traditional tough love childhood that seemed to be largely influenced by my family of interior designers, artist, old cinema poster canvas painters and prop makers gave me a strong enough incentives to throw caution to the wind and open my online business inspired by the contents of taxidermy.


It is gratifying to discover that I am far from alone in this taxidermy love.

Taxidermy is chic and unbelievably versatile. Whether your home is a gothic mansion or a modernist cube, or even a shabby chic humble abode, you will be able to find something unusual for the corners or on your display shelves.

The choice of my brand name "White Antler" could well be the manifestation of a subconscious awakening - the subliminal memory of a hunted deer antler hung on the wall of my childhood home in the historically rich and fabulously quaint housing estate, post war flat at Tiong Bahru.

The antler was actually a gift to my father, from my late uncle, an artist who worked for the Singapore National Museum and who painted one of the Singapore Stamps in the 1960s. The deer, the antler of which once belonged to, was hunted by him during a trip overseas. Now, this antler has been handed down to me as a symbol of our family tradition and heritage.

White Antler is a tribute to my late uncle, a memento mori, a reminder of mortality.

A reminder that time is limited and impermanent. We should do the things we love, because life is too precious to spend it doing anything else. Challenge your fear. Discover your passion in life and turn them into huge success. Love yourself and love others.

Last but not least ~ Love life.


Making The Ordinary Less Ordinary,

For you and your love ones~


Yours Truly,

Linda Lim