Dec 6th, 2012

White Antler x The Butter Factory Bump Room Revamp

White Antler x The Butter Factory Bump Room Revamp Launch Party

I would like to thank The Butter Factory for making this an epic night for me and my friends.I would also like to give a huge thanks to my friends and White Antler lovers for coming to the party. All invited guests were given a skull necklance designed by me. Everyone loves the decor and the new Butter. We had a super crazy party night! 

Click on the video to see the new Butter and the event launch night!

Enjoy! POOF~~~~~


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Dec 6th, 2012

white antler x the butter factory revamp

white antler x the butter factory revamp

white antler x the butter factory revamp

white antler x the butter factory revamp

white antler x the butter factory revamp

white antler x the butter factory revamp

white antler x the butter factory revamp

photos credited to Dave Does

A collaboration by The Butter Factory x White Antler, revamp of Bump Room

There’s no hesitation when Celeste Chong and Bobby Luo co-founders of Butter Factory approached White Antler on this collaboration. We knew we would have fun and could create wonders with them.This is our first large scale project ever since White Antler started last Nov 2011. We would like to thank Butter Factory for this great opportunity to collaborate with them. It was a pleasure working with Bobby and his crews. They were very accommodating and easy to work with.

This collaboration was a combination effort of style insprations from Bobby and us. "Music Soothes The Savage Beast” is our theme for this revamp. It is White Antler's representation of elegance amidst chaos. Crooked bookshelf, gold empty frames and mirrors extended to the ceiling, bums of taxidermy stuffed toys on the wall, the asymmetrical wallpapers and the unusual spoon and fork chandelier. Upside down bed on the ceiling. They are an interpretation of the busy and chaotic world we living in now and Music has the power to shape the society, the power to heal, rehabilitate, brings people together and to make us believe that there are better days ahead.

We put a lot of heart into this collaboration with The Butter Factory. Every piece of décor are specially handpicked and mostly are made from scratch. For example, the taxidermy walls, the stuffed animals are sawed into half, re-stuffed and put up on real sawed varnished tree trunks through a painstaking process. Every cutlery was attached to the spoon and fork chandelier by hand. The White Antler mixed media sculpture showcase above the fireplace was solely pieced up by myself. All Skulls and the Beethoven sculpture were made at my little studio at home. We wanted each piece to tell a story and made from the heart.

So please do take a weekend off to party at The Butter Factory if you haven't. Its a new transformation of the Bump Room guaranteed to blow your mind away. We put in alot of heart and sweat into this revamp. 2 months preparation and 2 weeks set up. A whole new clubbing experience we created for you just at The Butter Factory.



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Dec 6th, 2012

Geisha Skull White Antler

Geisha Skull White Antler Ross

White Antler Customised Skull for Rosalyn lee

We were happy to know that this customised Geisha Skull has gone to a charming owner, Ross, a radio Dj with 98.7fm.

Ross has such great personality and we love her. You can check out her bios here if you like to read more about her.

Thanks for loving our skulls Ross!


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Oct 12th, 2012

Babes At The Museum White Antler

White Antler spotted at Tate Modern in London by Babes At The Museum.

See post here.

Thanks for having us up on your website! Do check out their website for MORE BABES at the museum!!

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Oct 9th, 2012

camouflage skull

Photo above credit to Wilfred Mong

camouflage skull

White Antler Custom Militia Skull specially for Mr Sabotage SBTG

In White Antler, we believe in hard work and humility, and sometimes you also need that guidance, support and a little luck to succeed in the business.

We thank Mr Sabotage for showing support at the initial start of the business and look forward to working together in future.


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May 10th, 2012


White Antler X FLABSLAB Skull

Float Like A Butterfly. Sting Like A Bee.  Inspired by Ali, this is homage to all things that balance those two dynamics.

We're talking about when grace meets power, when progressive motion meets impact, when you meet our art.

FLABSLAB is an art and design collective based in Singapore. Founded in 2010, they collaborate with local and

international artists on exhibitions. FLABSLAB is also a loving advocate of vinyl toys and pop art.

Do check out "Boys and their Toys" exhibit @ FLABSLAB gallery pictures and video here. Also get updated with their

news toys in the making now on their FB page!

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Apr 4th, 2012


White Antler was featured in JUICE Magazine.

Grab an April JUICE issue copy now or click on picture to read more~

We would like to thank JUICE Magazine for this awesome write up and interview. The editors did a good job in relating

our message and thoughts across to our fans. We love it!


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