Her World March issue


I had lots of fun in "her world" magazine shoot for this March 2012 issue. I was giggling to myself when I was told 

that i'll be put under "sexy and pretty 30s" category. I wasnt' sure at first but when her world fashion writer Rebecca,

assured me that I wouldn't be wearing any bandage dress or anything tight to show off my body. I  was relieved and went

ahead with the shoot.

I would like to thank fashion writer Rebecca, and fashion stylist Chloe, for dressing me up and Winston the photographer,

for the lovely and "abstract" photos.  I'm in love with the retro 60s Mad Men look. They fit me perfectly and totally my style.

Pretty's all about looking grown-up but with a sexy twist. 

I always believed that we should all feel young always no matter how old we are. If one's mouth always wears a smile one

will always feel young. I keep myself fit and always keep myself energetic.

All these things help me live a happier life.

The simpler things in life can make us happy when we decide to see them through the eyes of a child.