Mar 2nd, 2012


I had lots of fun in "her world" magazine shoot for this March 2012 issue. I was giggling to myself when I was told 

that i'll be put under "sexy and pretty 30s" category. I wasnt' sure at first but when her world fashion writer Rebecca,

assured me that I wouldn't be wearing any bandage dress or anything tight to show off my body. I  was relieved and went

ahead with the shoot.

I would like to thank fashion writer Rebecca, and fashion stylist Chloe, for dressing me up and Winston the photographer,

for the lovely and "abstract" photos.  I'm in love with the retro 60s Mad Men look. They fit me perfectly and totally my style.

Pretty's all about looking grown-up but with a sexy twist. 

I always believed that we should all feel young always no matter how old we are. If one's mouth always wears a smile one

will always feel young. I keep myself fit and always keep myself energetic.

All these things help me live a happier life.

The simpler things in life can make us happy when we decide to see them through the eyes of a child.


Mar 2nd, 2012


White Antler was featured in Home & Decor magazine March 2012 issue. Read more here~

I would like to thank the H&D team from the bottom of my heart. The editors Rebeckka, for the opportunity and Chiquit,

for the lovely write up. Senior designer Betty, for the hard work and constantly trying to ease my tension during the shoot

and Darren, the photographer for taking such awesome pictures of me. It has been a pleasure working with you guys.

You guys make it fun and effortless. Like I always say, I've been blessed by great people around me.  

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Feb 27th, 2012


White Antler Skull

is featured on Curly Sue Vintage. Curly loves vintage and this is where you can get her unique vintage glasses 

I also want to thank Curly for the lovely write up on my skull work and for posting up "The Skull Kitchen" video on her blog.
Feels great to be loved by my girlie friends.
Love you all,
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Feb 20th, 2012

Home & Decor Feb Issue

White Antler was featured in Home & Decor Feb 2012 issue. Read more here.

I would like to thank friends from architology for the opportunity to be part of "A collective" . I would also like to thank the

editors and crews of H&D for taking the time to interview and made me look like a super star for the next March issue.

I've been blessed by great people around me.

Architology does Architectural Design, Custom furniture, Interior Design and many more. If you are looking for eclectic,

gothic, vintage and military-inspired  furnishings for your home or office, you got to pop down to the shop to check it out.

Check out the website at for more info and location.

And look out for my interview at "NOW PEOPLE" section in H&D's March 2012 issue!

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Feb 18th, 2012


White Antler is a lifestyle brand that specializes in handcrafted home decor ornaments made for Art Lovers, Collectors

and Connoisseurs alike, their product is the result of pure passion of a combination of DIY, eclectic style and daring design. 

Conceptualized by Linda, founder of White Antler, The Skull Kitchen portrays a day in life for Linda which depicts

the start to end process of handcrafting a Skull with a clever twist in a form of a cooking show. 

This video has generated 1000 plus hits  in 3 days. I would like to thank Melvin from Betaphats Studio for producing this

extremely impressive and inspiring video for me.

Betaphats Studios® has produced videos for artists like LTJ Bukem, DJ Storm of Metalheadz, Goldie and worked with

brands like Fred Perry, Obey and DC Shoes which have recently been aired on MTV as a commercial worldwide. You can

view his brilliant work at

I would also like to thank the highly creative Mark from SBTG Royalfam for your guidance and loyal support. Last but not

least, to my awesome friends who have watched it , shared it , liked it on their facebook and posted the video on their blog.

Much love,

Linda Lim xx

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Feb 7th, 2012

A unique skull series from White Antler that presents itself in the form of wires infused with custom lights guaranteed to

catch your eye in the light or in the dark.

LED Hand Wired Skull :$69

Please contact for more details~

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Feb 1st, 2012


It probably won’t surprise you to learn that I love nature, the arts and handmade things. A traditional tough love childhood

that seemed to be largely influenced by my family of interior designers, artist, old cinema poster canvas painters and prop

makers gave me a strong enough incentives to throw caution to the wind and open my online business inspired by the

contents of taxidermy.

It is gratifying to discover that I am far from alone in this taxidermy love.

Taxidermy is chic and unbelievably versatile. Whether your home is a gothic mansion or a modernist cube, or even a

shabby chic humble abode, you will be able to find something unusual for the corners or on your display shelves.


The choice of my brand name "White Antler" could well be the manifestation of a subconscious awakening - the subliminal

memory of a hunted deer antler hung on the wall of my childhood home in the historically rich and fabulously quaint

housing estate, post war flat at Tiong Bahru.

The antler was actually a gift to my father, from my late uncle, an artist who worked for the Singapore National Museum

and who painted one of the Singapore Stamps in the 1960s. The deer, the antler of which once belonged to, was hunted

by him during a trip overseas. Now, this antler has been handed down to me as a symbol of our family tradition and heritage.

White Antler is a tribute to my passed away uncle, a memento mori, a reminder of mortality.

A reminder that time is limited and impermanent. We should do the things we love, because life is too precious to spend

it doing anything else. Challenge your fear. Discover your passion in life and turn them into huge success.

Love yourself and love others.

Last but not least ~ Love life.


Making The Ordinary Less Ordinary,

For you and your love ones~


Yours Truly,

Linda Lim 

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